Durkha Dog Chew


All Natural Durkha Dog Chew! A long-lasting dog chew is made using the century-old recipe of the Himalayas.


“Authentic Yak Cheese Chews”

Durkha’s partnership in the production and processing plant in Nepal allows the company to help manufacture and source the best quality authentic Yak Cheese Chews & Treats in the industry while supporting local farmers and underserved local communities in Nepal. This makes it a win-win for all — local farmers in Nepal to dog owners in the USA, and everywhere in between.



In 2015, Neil Pokharel decided to bring to the pet industry the best All-Natural Dog/Cat Treats and Chews ever offered. Because of his love of pets and his passion to contribute to a healthy pet lifestyle, Neil founded Three Vectors Corporation dba Durkha Dog Chew in 2015 and the journey began.

Prior to entering the pet industry, Neil Pokharel spent several years in technology. He has a strong background in Sales & Marketing including knowledge and expertise in Management, Operations, and Planning. He has 20+ years of experience in serving customers at the highest level while maintaining excellent quality and providing top notch service. Now, with Three Vectors Corporation, Neil brings his knowledge and expertise to the pet industry. Neil resides in Seattle, WA with his family.