Durkha Dog Chew

Frequently Asked Questions

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Durkha pronounced [dur-kuh, doo r-] दुर्खा is a Yak and/or Cow milk based ancient recipe prevalent among the people living in the Himalayas who have been enjoying it for centuries.
After boiling Yak and/or Cow milk, it is cooled down and centrifuged, removing all the cream (fat). The fat free milk is then boiled and mixed with lime and a small amount of salt for few hours until it coagulates. During this process, the lactose gets removed, leaving just the protein which makes it easily digestible. The thick paste (cake) is spread over hemp cloth and squeezed, extracting all the moisture, and then pressed by rocks. This process continues for almost two weeks where the cake turns into a solid Durkha cheese snack. The hardened Durkha is cut into different shape and sizes and smoked for four months to give it the flavor dogs love.
Our dog chew is sourced from Yak and/or Cow farmers from the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal. The chew is quality tested by independent laboratories in Nepal and in the US to maintain and validate the overall quality of Durkha Dog Chew. It’s natural, preservative-free, gluten free, grain free, odorless and protein rich with low fat content. The chews are long lasting and easily digestible, so they are a great and safe alternative to rawhide.
The fat is removed at the early stage of the production process leaving the fat content at less than 1%. Isn’t salt included in the chew bad for dogs? A minuscule amount of salt is used along with lime juice to coagulate the milk. So, salt is almost nonexistent in the production of these chews.
There is zero waste with Durkha Dog Chew. Simply microwave the leftover piece for 45 seconds, let it cool down for 2 minutes and give the yummy Durkha Puff to your dog.
No, you do not need to refrigerate Durkha Dog Chew but make sure to store in cool dry place and keep it free of moisture.
If kept dry, Durkha Dog Chews will not go bad for 5 years.
If you spot any mold or green/white spots, immediately stop feeding the chew. We would appreciate it if you could return the defective chew(s) for us to conduct further testing. We will then send you a replacement chew.
We recommend Small size Durkha Dog Chew for dogs under 25lbs, Medium for 26 to 35lbs, Large for 36 to 55lbs and X-Large for dogs over 55lbs.
Disclaimer: It is highly recommended and encouraged that all owners supervise their dog while giving them any type of chews or treats. There could be a potential choking hazard with any small leftover pieces. It is highly unlikely but in case of emergency, please contact your veterinarian for assistance.